Commercial Energy Solutions

Most solar companies talk about making sense of the financial side of renewables in commercial settings.

We prefer to start with sound energy management and the most solid-state technology since we are the ones installing it. Our project leads come with 1,000 of project installs behind them and engineers come stocked with a unique background in electrical design with power management. Many states and municipalities have implemented secondary charges for electricity beyond just consumption. These charges get line itemed as Demand Charges. In many cases these can be the largest part of a commercial facilities electric bill.

We have an answer for that.  A little know fact is that when a building has 3 phase power is not always clean, which depending on what circle you’re in, may mean a couple different things.

We are not talking about how clean the energy is, we are talking about how solid and balanced those three streams of energy coming into your facility is at all times. There are 1000’s of businesses around the country that have questioned their electric company about this and when they come out to test it, it’s just fine. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean there won’t be phase imbalance 10 minutes after they leave and that does 2 things, it makes your equipment burn more energy and it shortens the lifespan of that equipment.

We make sure that does not happen. Then we look at what solar or other renewable can do for you.

Financing is available in a variety of structures through COPACE, USDA, PPA, LEASE, PARTNERSHIPS and Investments can be made into the solar industry through individual partnerships called TEI or Tax Equity Investments.

Commercial Property Owners are the best positioned to take advantage of renewables through their triple net tenants but it’s the most underutilized financial tool of the renewable industry at this point.

Case Study:

Commercial Property tenant recently introduced the PACE program to their landlord for roof improvements, HVAC upgrades and solar. The PACE program paid for 100%, then the tenant paid them back creating immediate positive cash flow from their high electric bill. The building owner then received a sizeable tax credit plus deduction while increasing the value of his building. Did his property taxes go up because of this project?

No because solar is exempt from these property taxes.

We have a ground up approach because 1 size does not fit all for Commercial Solar.

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