Rooftop Solar

For our Rooftop Solar,  We provide the highest quality material and installation you can get on the market today. By offering top of the line equipment from SolarEdge and our lifetime Warranty on labor, you can be assured that you will get the best value possible. We custom design every solar system to meet the different needs of each homeowner and their lifestyles. Anything from a full house to a single first time home buyer, we can provide the right option. Rooftop solar is one of the most economical ways to start saving money on your electricity bill and with the government tax credits it is making it more affordable than ever to start producing your own power and gain independence from the utility company. As one of the best renewable resources, not only will Rooftop Solar save you money, but it is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and start working towards a better future.

Ground Mount Solar

Installing ground mount solar systems can have many benefits over other traditional solar installations. In areas with high sun exposure, ground mount can be a great option for getting the maximum potential out of your system. In most cases we can position our solar arrays to get full sun all day. Ground mount systems have a lot of versatility in where you can install them as well as getting the perfect angle on the sun. We also offer motorized sun tracking systems for our customers that might not have as much sun. By moving with the sun.. the SunTracker system allows you to get the most amount of production per sqft. With the amount of energy your ground mount system can produce, it will be easy to see the savings and eliminate years off of your ROI period.

Commercial Battery Storage

Even if you don’t have solar or renewable energy, a Commercial Battery Storage system can reduce your electricity costs substantially. On a commercial and industrial scale, the demand rates and peak hour times can really have an effect on the amount that you pay for utilities. When consuming massive amounts of energy, it is key to save where you can in business and with Commercial Battery Storage you can store the electricity at a low cost and discharge the power during peak hours to find an immediate savings. With inflation and the cost of energy on the rise.. you can rest assured that you will be producing power at the same costs for many years to come. Proud American offers the best battery products for energy storage on the market. Having a thorough understanding of your needs and goals is what we take pride in. Delivering a quality product and great customer service is what makes us different.

Battery Backup Systems

Getting the most out of your renewable energy means incorporating a battery backup system into your home. A Lot of people think that battery backups are just for emergencies, but realistically if you have batteries you will use them every day! With the StorEdge backup system, you will start saving immediately. Because of “Peak Rate Pricing” this allows the electric company to charge you up to 6x the rate per kilowatt hour during the times when the majority of the grid power is being used throughout the city. By using a StorEdge battery backup you can store power when it is the cheapest, and discharge when it is the most expensive. We use the best batteries on the market including Lg Chem, Tesla power wall, and BYD expandable battery systems.

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